Volunteers required

         Role20th August Metro & Cyclo
20/08/2017 V170820
9th Sept 6/12hr Rogaine
09/09/2017 V170909
7th & 8th October 24hr Vi
07/10/2017 V171007
Event Co-ordinatorTeck Li ChiaVacantChristine Morris
Map makerTeck Li ChiaVacantChris Creely
Setter 1Teck Li ChiaTim DentDerek Morris
Setter 2Not RequiredGraham AndersonNot Required
Setter 3Not RequiredRob TaylorNot Required
Vetter 1Jenny MitchellTim DentColin Walker
Vetter 2Rob MasonGraham AndersonPeter Galvin
Vetter 3VacantRob TaylorNot Required
Checkpoint placer 1Not RequiredGraham AndersonVacant
Checkpoint Placer 2Not RequiredRob TaylorVacant
Checkpoint Placer 3Not RequiredTim DentVacant
Catering ManagerVacantVacantVacant
Catering Assistant MgrVacantVacantVacant
Admin ManagerAudrey KottekGraham AndersonVacant
Admin Manager (Asst)VacantNot RequiredNot Required
Navlight ManagerVacantVacantVacant
Equipment ManagerRob MasonVacantVacant
Equipment AssistantVacantVacantVacant
Event First AiderLouis KingVacantRobyn Fairweather
Water DropsNot RequiredVacantVacant
Water drop assistantNot RequiredVacantVacant
Helper1 Admin and CateringBen KaczynskiVacantVacant
Helper2 Admin and CateringVirginia GrantVacantVacant
Helper3 Admin and CateringAndrew CowellVacantVacant
Helper4 Admin and CateringBrian PittardVacantVacant
Helper5 Admin and CateringAlaster MeehanVacantVacant
Helper6 Admin and CateringNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Helper 11 CateringLouis KingVacantRobyn Fairweather
Helper 12 CateringJun OkabeVacantStephanie Baker
Helper 13 CateringLesa MuirVacantAlison King
Helper 14 CateringTomie PfeifferVacantVacant
Helper 15 CateringNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Helper21 Night ShiftNot RequiredNot RequiredVacant
Helper22 Night ShiftNot RequiredNot RequiredVacant
Helper 25 Finish OnlyPat MewsNot RequiredNot Required
Helper 26 Finish OnlyDennis MewsNot RequiredNot Required
Check Point Pick Up 01Not RequiredVacantVacant
Check Point Pick Up 02Not RequiredVacantVacant
Check Point Pick Up 03Not RequiredVacantVacant
Check Point Pick Up 04Not RequiredVacantVacant
Check Point Pick Up 05Not RequiredVacantVacant

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Once logged on go to ‘View/Edit volunteers’ select an event,
Click Volunteer Name list and click add me against the role you want to volunteer for.